Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Avoid a Disaster on Moving Day

Bad moving experiences ARE avoidable. Here’s one way you can protect yourself against fraud:
American Moving and Storage Associations (AMSA) trains, tests and swears in moving professionals that meet a high set of standards surrounding experience and ethical business practices.

These professionals, known as CMCs (Certified Moving Consultants), are tested on their “moving knowledge”, which prepares them to answer any and all questions about moving. In addition to experience, “moving knowledge” is gained by an intense training program designed and implemented by AMSA.

CMCs can help you customize your move, based on their extensive training and experience. Here at Mooney’s Moving and Storage, both Mike Re and Steve DeSteffano are CMCs. This means they’ve taken an oath to maintain the experience, training and ethical standards established by the AMSA.

Because of their extensive training and knowledge, CMCs can help you customize your move to better suit your individual needs. Often times, we hear horror stories about past moves:

“My estimate was much less than my final bill.”
“My previous company didn’t send a large enough truck to accommodate my move.”

CMCs are trained, and obligated, to help you avoid unfortunate situations, scams, and incidents. For example, both Mike and Steve take the time to prepare honest estimates for every customer. Mooney’s has full-time moving employees who work with our CMCs to uphold the AMSA’s strict standards for shipping and handling.

Both Mike and Steve must regularly continue training to maintain their status as Certified Moving Consultants. This means, they’re well-versed in the latest moving standards and practices to help better serve you.
Know that using a Certified Moving Consultant assures that you are dealing with a knowledgeable sales consultant who is committed to providing excellent and fair service. Using a CMC increases your probability for a swift, safe move.


To learn more about the Certified Moving Consultant certification, visit:

By: Liz Shovlin Marketing & Relocation Consultant 
Mooney's Relocation Specialist

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