Monday, July 25, 2011

Must read if moving within Pennsylvania

Moves within the state of Pennsylvania are regulated by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.  Household goods movers are required to be licensed by the Public Utility Commission and must maintain adequate levels of insurance coverage and charge fees approved by the PUC.

The following regulations are set forth by the PUC to ensure quality service:

Estimates: All movers are required to provide a written estimate prior to move day.
Rates: If the move is 40 miles or less, the charge will be based on an hourly rate.  If the move is over 40 miles the charges will be based on weight and mileage. 
Damage Coverage: Protection of $0.60 per pound per article is provided free of charge.  Protection greater than $0.60 per pound can be provided by the mover at an additional charge. 
Proof of Damage: Upon completion of delivery the driver will ask you to sign the delivery receipt.  Before signing, be sure all damage is noted on the receipt. 

In order to verify your movers license contact the Pennsylvania Utility Commission at (800) 782-1110.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Move for Hunger

Fact:  More than 900,000 individuals in the Delaware Valley are living on incomes that put them at
risk of hunger every day.  1 in 3 children are at risk of hunger every day.  With times getting tighter
these numbers are dramatically increasing.  Thousands in our community need your help.
As you are aware, many people throw out a good deal of “stuff” when they move.

Unfortunately a lot of this “stuff” is food that can be delivered to a family in need.  That’s why Mooney’s 
Moving & Storage has teamed up with Move For Hunger to support the Community

Please set aside any unwanted, non-perishable food items before your move and Mooney’s
will deliver the food to the Community Cupboard.

Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with moving companies across the
country to support the efforts of local food banks.  Your donations will directly impact families
living right here in the Delaware Valley.  Mooney’s Moving & Storage is grateful for your
business and truly thankful for your generosity.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Than a Moving Company.

Moving can be very stressful.  It is our goal to provide each customer with value added services to help make the transition as easy as possible.  As an authorized agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines we offer the following services:

Packing supplies: Free delivery when ordered through our website.  

Tech Support: Troubleshooting with personal computers and printer.  Support with home networks as well as cameras, iPods and mobile devises.  All included with you move. 

Concierge Service: Assistance to setup cable, TV, internet, utilites and home security.  All included with you move. 

PLUS Program:  Direct cash back rebates based on the sale of your home when using our network of real estate professionals.  

Identity Theft Protections:  Daily monitoring of your credit report for suspicious online activity, change of address alerts and assistance with stopping junk mail.

For further information contact Steven DeSteffano or call (215)884-3280

 Interstate Agent for: 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Understanding Your Movers Liability

All licensed household goods moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of your belongings.  There are two different types of “valuation” coverage available that you should be aware of.  

Option 1: Full replacement protection.  Under this option articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed will be either repaired, replaced with like items, or a cash settlement will be offered; all at the movers expense. 

The cost for this coverage is determined by the value you place on your shipment (ie: $50,000.00 etc) and the deductible level you select. 

Option 2: Basic coverage.  Under this option the mover’s liability is limited to $0.60 per pound per article.  Damage claims are settled according to the weight of the piece x $0.60

For example, a 200lbs dresser that is damaged during the move would be offered a settlement of $120.00 (200lbs x $0.60)
This coverage is provided to each individual shipper at no charge.

Due to the wide disparity that may occur between the two options, it is best to fully understand your selection prior to move day.  Do not hesitate to contact one of our Certified Moving Consultants for further information.