Friday, May 31, 2013

Tips for packing basement belongings

Tips for packing basement belongings
Items stored in your basement could be used occasionally to brighten up your residence. For example, holiday decorations could provide your house with colorful lights that make your residence stand out at specific times, but these belongings spend the majority of the year in your house's basement. 
However, you're moving, and it's necessary to bring belongings stored in your basement to your new address. Check out the following tips to successfully transport possessions stored in your basement between destinations. 
1. Use extra precaution
A safe approach benefits people who are preparing to move items from their basements. 
Examine the items in each box and ensure that these belongings are crucial to keep at your new residence. You should dispose of possessions that have fallen apart or are beyond repair before moving day. Additionally, all belongings should be stored in strong, sturdy moving boxes that are properly labeled.
2. Start early
Moving all of your possessions can be time-consuming, but you can get a head start by taking stock of the possessions stored in your basement early in the relocation process. 
Packing supplies are essential for moving day, so purchase moving boxes, tape and other items in advance. You also can spend time cleaning up the basement as you collect your belongings, as this could help you save time later. 
Support from the professional relocation movers at Mooney's Moving & Storage agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines provides significant benefits during your move. These relocation experts specialize in local & long distance moving and are ready to help you transport all of your possessions from one destination to another. 
3. Evaluate your new residence
Just because you're moving items out of your basement does not guarantee that these possessions can be stored in the same area of your new home. 
Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your new residence's basement before moving day to fully understand how much space is available. An extensive review ensures that you can effectively keep the items you once stored in the basement in the same area at your new address. 
Unfortunately, some items could be difficult to move from your property's basement, but solutions are available. In some cases, you could take the possessions apart and put them back together after moving day. You also can sell specific belongings before your move through online resources, yard sales and other venues.
Take advantage of the available opportunities before your move to clear out your basement. When you're done, you can enjoy a successful relocation that enables you to take plenty of your possessions to your new residence. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Should I move to my vacation destination?

For some homeowners, short vacations aren't enough and they decide that moving out of state to live in their favorite relaxing spots is the best solution. Living in a tourist area isn't the same as visiting it for short amount of time.

As with any city, there are advantages and disadvantages to living in an area that's primarily known for housing vacationers. Read on for a look at some of the benefits and downsides you should keep in mind before hiring a household moving company to transport your belongings to a tourist town.

Pro: Entertainment
No vacation is complete without going on a few adventures. Moving to your favorite spot means you'll be close to your favorite attractions. For instance, you'll no longer have to drive for hours to go hiking or swimming. You can enjoy your hobbies year-round rather than relegating them to a few days.

Con: Seasonal trends
MSN Real Estate recently pointed out that living near popular tourist destinations is usually a boon for small businesses. The news source also writes that some enterprising residents rent rooms to travelers. While it can be exciting to see so many new people, eventually their welcomes can become overstayed.

During popular vacation months, you can likely expect long lines in your favorite establishments and massive traffic delays. The flip side is that your neighborhood will turn into a ghost town once the tourists go home, which can be very dull.

Pro: Booming economy
American Financial Resources writes that tourist destinations often have some of the best local economies. While the hospitality industry does particularly well in these areas, small businesses and other sectors also see increases in patronage once vacationers come to town.

The primary advantage of regular economic upswings is that it's very easy to find work - especially seasonal positions. Moving to a tourist hot spot may be the best solution if you've been considering a career switch or have struggled to find employment in your current location.

Con: Too much of a good thing
Sometimes the best part of vacations is that they provide a change of scenery. It's a break from the normal routine. A tourist attraction you love for two weeks every summer can quickly become old hat when you live near it 365 days per year.

Once you decide where to move, contact Mooney's Moving & Storage agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Long distance moving can be difficult and relocation movers from Stevens can ensure that all your belongings are safely packed and shipped to your new abode.