Friday, October 21, 2011

How to prepare for a smooth move of your office

Unlike moving your home, moving a business can present unique challenges.  After having recently moved our own office we here at Mooney’s would recommend the following tips:

Address Change: Contact the United States Postal Service to change your address.  This website is simple and easy to use.  Discount coupons are also provided once registration is complete.

Phone Service:  Call your phone service provider early!  Phone service interruption is one of the biggest hassles when moving your office.  Have a backup plan ready.  We had all incoming calls routed to cells phones for a 48 hour period just to be safe.
Moving into our new place.

Utilities: Contact Peco to transfer electrical service.  Don’t forget Aqua PA (or your local water company) to stop/start/cancel service. 

Moving company: Obtain at least two on-site written estimates from your local moving company. 

Notify your customers: We found Constant Contact to be a great way to send a large volume email blast to notify everyone of our address change.  

There are obviously more challenges than are mentioned here.  However the above topics will provide a good foundation for planning your move!